Benches, chairs, stools using sports equipment

Double snowboard bench donated to Mount Washington Alpine Resort, Comox Valley, BC.

I create these on a custom order basis for customers.  I have many items of used sports equipment to re-purpose into seating (or other projects). Customers may also provide their own items which I incorporate into a piece of furniture.

Single snowboard bench - SOLD but will custom make you one!

Double snowboard bench with ski armrests - SOLD but will custom make you one!

The 'HEAD REST BENCH' - Two pair of Head skis featured - SOLD but will custom make one for you!

The 'BASE ON BALLS' stool - 4 baseballs suspended in diamond cutouts, with a base to sit on! (Gifted to a friend, but I can make more like this one!)

'THE OLD WATER SKI CHAIR' One pair of old water skis paired with 1" thick solid Western Red Cedar boards and using the skis bindings for pockets / beverage holders. Have you got an old set of skis for me to make you a chair? - SOLD!

THE '2-SOME CLUB CHAIR'! A double Adirondack style chair / loveseat made with 1" thick red cedar and incorporating matching irons with a 3-wood and a putter as hangers. How would you like your old clubs preserved? (This one is SOLD, but I can make another!)

The "Safe On First" Ottoman. A safety base sitting on baseball bat legs and softball feet. Put your feet up! SOLD!

Tee Box Bench. This one donated to Saratoga Beach Golf Course. I will custom make this style bench for any golf course.

The 'GAME, SET, MATCH' tennis theme chair that converts to a bar stool with the additional base layer! (This one gifted to a friend, but I can make another or something similar.)

"Wake Up & Ski" bench. Perfect for the summer cottage! SOLD to some very nice people!

"On the Rocks" curling theme bench created for the Comox Valley Curling Centre.

'The Puck Stops Here!' hockey goalie theme bench, made for a minor league goalie's birthday!