I make items for a wide variety of uses around the home or office. Got an idea? Contact me to discuss!

The MC Golf Ball Step Stool. Made this for my sister and imbedded 4 of her favourite golf balls! Would you like one too?

Custom made shoe / boot rack which can also serve as a bench! SOLD!

Shoe rack with integrated 2-step stool. SOLD!

Room divider/privacy screen. SOLD!

A home or business mailbox ... if you still get deliveries to your door! SOLD!

A pet dish holder ... so your precious pets don't need to bend down so far to eat and drink, and they can't push the dishes across the floor! SOLD!

A hanger where your dog leash can take a "paws"! SOLD!

The 'Fish Stick'! An oven rack pull/push stick so you don't burn your fingers. Several made and SOLD!

Oyster shucking boards to help you get those little rascals out of their shells!