BENCHED! ... because sometimes you just have to sit out awhile.

When I am not helping others with healthy active living issues and projects, this is what I do.

I custom make benches, chairs and stools (or other special projects) using lumber and re-purposed, experienced sporting goods (e.g. snowboards; skateboards; wake boards; surfboards; skimboards; water, alpine or nordic skis; hockey sticks; toboggans and sleighs; golf clubs, balls; baseball bats, balls, bases; tennis racquets, balls; stadium seats and bleachers; etc.) 

These are great items for indoors or outdoors, on decks / patios, in front of businesses, at vacation homes, in 'man caves' (or 'lady caves' if anyone has these), at recreational facilites such as ski hills, tennis clubs, golf courses, ball parks, etc.

Prices will vary with each project, depending on type and availability of material, finish chosen, and time needed to create item.  If you have an artifact you wish to incorporate into some type of seating or other use, let's talk!  I will custom design and make what you would like.  If you aren't sure exactly what you'd like, simply go to Google images and search "BENCHES, CHAIRS, STOOLS, FURNITURE MADE WITH SPORTS EQUIPMENT".  Those images may just give you the idea for a special bit of seating or other item I can create for you!

Contact me at to discuss your project.

GST/HST # 82933 7971 RT0001

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