Sep. 2, 2014

Blog re: PHANTASTICKS - Ian Craigon BPE, BEd, MEd.

Blog #1: 

Have you tried PHANTASTICKS or some other version of juggling sticks or “devil sticks” as this toy is sometimes known?

PHANTASTICKS™ by Prompt Enterprises are by far the most well made and easiest to use juggling stick I have ever come across.  And bonus!! … they are made right here in Canada with locally sourced materials and using local labour!  All this, and they are competitively priced to boot!

I am proud, as a former physical education teacher and consultant, and a school administrator for 18 years, to be representing this company and its brand of juggling stick and helping to market it to schools and school boards.

Did you know about these benefits of Phantasticks?

  1. Benefits for all students
  • they are engaging and easy to use, appealing to already active kids, as well as those who appear reluctant
  • they enhance bilateral coordination
  • they are challenging to individuals as they set goals based on self improvement
  • learning progressions are virtually limitless

      2.  Benefits for students with special needs (These are a great tool to enhance inclusion in a     school setting.)

  • attention issues - they are enjoyable and require attention on many levels helping to calm kids and enhance their ability to focus
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders - they enhance both fine motor and gross motor skills, leading to improved quality of life and also facilitate social interactions

     3.  Why choose the PHANTASTICKS brand?

  • specifically designed to be easier to play for younger kids due to the fact the sticks are engineered with exceptionally lightweight materials, an air-resisting flower, and a unique, sticky, ribbing pattern.
  • high quality materials and craftsmanship make them tremendously durable.
  • they cost less than poorly constructed, hard to use, imported sticks
  • this is a Canadian company that believes in a responsible business model, employing people within our community and purchasing all our materials from North American suppliers. 

 Many teachers and school Principals have tried these out in their schools as part of their P.E. program and have been exceptionally pleased with them.  Teachers, and especially kids, love ‘em!!

 Will you give these a try in your program?  See the PHE Canada website store ( for one place to purchase these at special prices for school quantities.  Let me know what you think!

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