Here are some of the possible reasons to consider MOVEIT Consulting services:

  • You are a school/school district in need of physical literacy advisory / consultative services on a contract basis.
  • You are a school/school district needing resource people for teacher professional development activities in the areas of physical education, health education, physical literacy, intramural programs, interschool sports, coaching, etc.
  • You are a distance education school or a home-schooling parent or student and you want assistance with physical education curriculum/program development.
  • You are a business with a physical activity related product or service that you wish to market to schools.
  • You are an individual or company who would like advice or a document prepared re healthy and active living.
  • OR ... You are an individual or a company that would like a custom-made bench, stool, or chair using re-purposed experienced sporting goods or related object. (Click on the "BENCHED Products" tab at the top of this website to see samples of some items).

Contact me at to discuss your project.