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The following are items created by Ian Craigon to enhance one's healthy, active lifestyle or his/her teaching

MISSION POSSIBLE - A Guide to Personal Wellness and a Healthy Lifestyle

This is a 12 page guide to developing and maintaining an improved state of personal wellness.  This Guide is intended to be flexible and varied, rather than rigid and prescriptive.  The Guide helps the user to select three 'Missions' to complete each day that, over the course of each week, will address all aspects of personal wellness.  A variety of sample personal plans is provided.

Cost:  $20 CAD or USD (payable by cash, cheque, or PayPal)

GST/HST # 82933 7971 RT0001

Contact Ian for more information, or to order your copy (PDF e-mailed to you, or hard copy mailed to your address).  See photo of cover page in website Photo Album.


p:  1-250-338-3078


Product Description Price
Mission Possible $20.00